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Rack Server


Dell Rack Servers

HP Rack Servers

Lenovo Rack Servers

Tower Server


Dell Tower Servers

HP Tower Servers

Lenovo Tower Servers


Networking & Consulting

Micronics assures the customer for providing all types of Networking services such as Copper, Fibre cabling, Implementation of various Networking devices, Wireless solution, configuration of various leading networking brand like HP, D-Link, Cisco, etc.

For networking we provide the services like -

Site planning,Designing & implementation of cabling with installation of required networking devices and also upgradation of existing Network.


Network/ Server Rack Solution

Data Centre/storage / Servers are the mail key factors of any company not only in IT Company.

Designing of data centre standardization of the Rack comes under Network Rack solution.

These Network Racks organize the IT equipment in such a manner which simplifies and optimize the floor space, The Various Rack is utilise for the CCTV Surveillance solution as well.

We at Micronics provide you a complete suitable solution for customer various Rack requirement with a Brand like VAL-RACK/ Net-RACK/President etc.


Data & Network Security

Any organization uses the digital services to simplify their business must ensure to secure his digital data & network security to avoid to get targeted by hackers which may leak & stolen the data.

Security consist of two factors Network Security & End Point Security: we Micronics provide you a complete security solution with industry leading brands like SOPHOS/CISCO/CHECK-POINT Etc.